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哪位大大能提供La Femme +1.13的 serial no.或xx呢?
About La Femme +
La Femme+ is a powerful tool to help all mobile and organized women enjoy a more natural life and yet have control over it.
La Femme+ is a Pocket PC supplement - a medical calendar that helps all modern women keep accurate records of their menstrual cycle. It is a handy assistant when it comes to contraception, family planning and getting control over one?s body... and life.
La Femme+ is an excellent aid for the supporters of the natural contraception method. Nevertheless, counseling with a Doctor, Health Worker or with a Family Planning Clinic is recommended. Natural methods offer no protection from STDs and there is also an increased risk of pregnancy.
La Femme+ is here to help, assist and advise?
· If you have chosen the natural contraception method;
· If you want to keep your pill intake under control;
· If you wish to help your family planning;
· If you would like to take notes to help your next medical check-up;
· If you do not like the idea to be caught by surprise ? especially if you suffer from cramps and discomfort;
· If you want to be in control of your life .
Then La Femme+ is definitely for you!
La Femme+ Features
Provides detailed information about your cycles end enables you to browse through the records in the Cycles History as well as to view the Cycles Chart
Enables you to enter your temperature, stores the entered data and presents the option to view the Temperature Chart as well as the Temperature History
Predicts your next cycle
Enables you to enter up to 4 alarms per day giving you the option to specify the type of each alarm
Stores all alarms you enter in a database that can be accessed and modified by you at any time
Through the option My Diary La Femme+ enables you to keep track of your Dr's visits, of your visits to the Beautician, Hair Dresser etc - whereas all this information is sorted and ordered in different lists
For those of the women who are on diet, La Femme+ provides a mechanism for keeping track of their weight whereas all entered values are stored in a data base called Weight History and can be visualized through the Weight Chart
You are able to calculate your ideal weight on the basis of your height
La Femme+ provides you the option to choose the date format, the time format, the units format as well as to specify the day at which you'd like the week to start
The program enables you to set daily information about your Cervical Fluids, about your health, about your engagements etc
Thorough help
The access to your data is protected by a password
User-friendly navigation




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